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• Survey and scientific prehistoric cave Villars

A booklet questionnaire (0.90 cents) given to each student, can be active in the discovery by investigating this Cro Magnon man who lived 19,000 years ago.
Two prehistoric workshops are also offered classes, by grade, to reproduce the “know-how” of the Cro Magnon.

Wall Painting Workshop (minimum 10 students, maximum 25 students)

earn about the practice of rock art. Discover pigments (ocher, manganese, coal), painting tools (brushes plants, stencils …) and learn the techniques to represent the prehistoric beasts.
Using models become real painters using terrain of the wall to make your designs.

Shooting Workshop (minimum 10 students, maximum 30 students)

The Cro Magnon has developed sophisticated techniques of hunting for food. Discover the use of the spear and the great invention of the propeller. After explanations and demonstrations, a competition target shooting is organized.

Choice n°1

Group All levels up to 45 people
5.00 euros primary classes
5.50 euros secondary school

Guided tour of the cave + Video 1:30
Free path discovery. 1:00

Choice n°2 

Group Inquiry prehistoric up to 45 people
Level: CE1
Price from 5.00 euros to 5.50 for upper primary and secondary school by 0.90ct + booklet

Guided tour of the cave around 1:30 + video
Discovery Trail “Prehistoric Survey and climate” with a color booklet questionnaires given to each child. Duration: 1h15


Choice n°3 

Group up to 25 children for the workshop wall art and up to 30 children for firing the propellant Price: admission age + pass 95.00 euros per workshop.

Guided tour of the cave + Video 1:30
Discovery Trail “Prehistoric Survey and climate” with a color booklet questionnaires given to each child.

Studio shooting propellant (up to 30 children) duration 1h/1h15
Wall art workshop (up to 25 children) duration environ1h15

For Kindergarten

Group up to 25 children
Price: admission fee + 90.00 euros for the workshop

Morning: Visit the cave of Villars + self discovery trail
Afternoon: Approaching Environmental Cro Magnon (who was he? Landscape, flora and fauna?) And parietal Painting Workshop.
Duration: 1:15



Useful information

Depending on your size and time constraints, the organization of the day may vary.
For information advice or a quote please contact us at 05 53 54 82 36 or email
The workshop wall painting requires the use of a blouse or old shirt provided by the class.
Possibility of picnic shelter (under a tent) or outside on the picnic area.